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In 1987, Gary Peskin founded Rose’s Agency, one of LA’s most reputable domestic agencies, which assisted families in finding the right people to care for their homes.

What made Rose’s Agency successful was the accuracy and intuitiveness put into matching the right people to each individual client.

Rose's Agency Vintage

As Rose’s Agency and it’s clientele of baby boomers matured, Gary was able to see that senior care needed the same skill of matching as child care.
This realization led to the creation of Rose’s Agency Home Care in 2014 which exclusively places Caregivers with seniors who expect the best care- just as they did for their children and home.

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Gary Peskin, CEO

Call me old fashioned, but I want to know each of my clients. I want to create a relationship with the people I work with and make them feel seen, heard, and valued.

Big companies are too large to truly connect with clients. Choosing to work with a local business ensures that everything is handled personally. Your phone calls, requests, and concerns are all handled by Rose’s Agency Home Care. Our clients truly matter to us.

After 30 years of agency experience, I can confidently say that fostering personal connections I’ve made over the years have proved to be one of the most memorable aspects of running a business. I look forward to connecting with more clients and families, and am excited to create new relationships with people.

Aurora Kabat

Aurora Kabat is our phenomenal Bookkeeper. She has a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in accounting, and a minor in Economics. She manages our financial affairs and ensures everything is in order. Aurora studied Accounting, and has experience in accounting and auditing.

Tashma Body

Tashma Body is an experienced Caregiver that has an extensive ABA background. She has specialized in assisting those with behavioral and autistic adults and children. She attended West Virginia State University, and hails from Washington D.C. Tashma has a passion for helping others, is incredibly dedicated, and gives her all when working with clients and at Rose’s Agency Home Care.

Lourdes Manabat

Lourdes Manabat is our Administrative Assistant. She has been in the healthcare industry since 2014, and was previously a medical coder. She has a degree in Liberal Arts from Los Angeles Trade Tech College.

Jasmin Remram

Jasmin Remram is our Copywriter. She is our wordsmith and manages our social media. She has a degree in English Literature from UCLA, and is an expert writer and editor.


Jonah Madeya

Jonah Madeya is our Web Developer and IT Specialist. Our resident Frenchman and entirely self-made, he is a stellar developer and runs his own business, The Cool Agency. Jonah is passionate about computers, wine, and cheese.



Guiding us are two forward-looking books in the field of gerontology, The Blue Zones, by National Geographic Fellow Dan Buettner, and The Alzheimer’s Solution, by Dean and Ayesha Sherzai M.D.

The Blue Zones

Dan Buettner’s The Blue Zones is a first-hand study of five areas of the earth exceptional for the incredibly high proportion of centenarians among their populations.

The book uncovers secrets to long life by examining the peculiarities of each culture and distilling the lifestyle choices that connect these international communities. Its conclusions make simple innovations on standard health advice—emphasizing a plant based diet and regular, moderate exercise—while also stressing the importance of maintaining mental health through practices like keeping community close, retaining a sense of purpose, and performing stress relief rituals.

Blue Zones Book

The Alzheimer’s Solution

Dean and Ayesha Sherzai’s The Alzheimer’s Solution debunks the notion that Alzheimer’s is mostly a matter of genetic fate by exposing the impact our lifestyles can have on our susceptibility to the disease.

The Sherzais stress that Alzheimer’s disease and overall cognitive health are deeply influenced by five main lifestyle factors represented by the acronym NEURO—Nutrition, Exercise, Unwind, Restore, and Optimize. By combining a diet low in meat with proper physical and mental workouts, we can defer Alzheimer’s—or prevent it altogether.

Alzheimers Solution Book

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