Welcome Caregivers!

Are you a caregiver looking to join the Rose's Agency Home Care team?

Here's How:

Required Documents Needed To Apply For Rose's Agency:


  • A Photo Identification Card (“ID”) that establishes your identity (e.g., driver’s license card or state ID card)

  • Tuberculosis (“TB”) Test Results (within the last 90 days) or Chest X-Ray Results (within the previous five years)

  • Department of Social Services Home Care Aide Registry Personnel ID- HCA#

    • Live Scan via DOJ and FBI

  • An original work authorization a document that establishes your eligibility for employment (e.g., Social Security Card, passport, birth certificate, work permit, or permanent resident card)

Optional Documents:


  • If you plan to provide Transportation for clients:

    • Proof of car insurance & valid driver’s license.

HCA (Home Care Aide) Registry Steps:

STEP 1: Register. The registration cost is $35.00. When you are registered, you will get a PER ID/HCA ID (Personnel ID/Home Care Aide ID), which you will need throughout your HCA career (I suggest you keep your email receipt which has your ID on your cellphone or print off your receipt). You can register online or with a paper form. — WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND ONLINE REGISTRATION SINCE ONLINE IS MUCH FASTER – YOU WILL GET YOUR HCA/PER ID IMMEDIATELY. Your initial status in the registry will be “Pending” (until you complete step 2 below). You can confirm your status by searching here.

  • To register online, click here for the online form (by registering online you will get your HCA/PER ID immediately) (If you have technical problems online, try another device or try again later before you decide to mail in your application):


STEP 2: Get “Live Scanned” (fingerprinted and background checked).  Results typically take around 3-5 days (unless there’s a delay), and you will get the results in the mail. It costs between $59 and $85 at most places. (Print out the Live Scan form attached to this email)  Then take it to a Live Scan location of your choosing. (Click Here To Find Scan Locations Near You - Please Note Pricing On This Website Is Not Accurate) You can also get Live Scanned at most UPS Stores.

  • NOTE: If you have already been Live Scanned for another Home Care company, a Residential Care Facility, or Child Care in California within the last two years, then you do NOT need to be Live Scanned again. (If you can get a copy, it should be form LIC 9163, written on the bottom left corner).  Simply give us your PER/HCA ID (which you get once you complete Step 1 above) and we will have it transferred so that you can work for Rose's Agency . If it has been more than 2 years, then you will need to be Live Scanned for the HCA Registry (Step 2 above).

  • NOTE: If you have already been Live Scanned for some other agency/job such as HHA (Home Health Aide) or IHSS (In-Home Supportive Services), or as part of your CNA training, you STILL NEED TO BE LIVE SCANNED.  We cannot get these Live Scans transferred, so you need Live Scanned for the HCA Registry (Step 2 above).

Once you have completed HCA Registry Step 1 and Step 2, please confirm your registration went through with the HCA Registry database by entering your name and HCA/PER ID here: https://secure.dss.ca.gov/ccld/hcsregistry/registrysearch.aspx


The Home Care Aide’s status refers to whether or not he or she is qualified to serve as a registered Home Care Aide. The following is a list of all possible statuses:

  • REGISTERED: The Home Care Aide has a cleared criminal history and is registered.  This “REGISTERED” status is what you need to start working.

  • PENDING: The California Department of Social Services is currently processing the Home Care Aide’s application (it might still be waiting for your Live Scan results).

  • DENIED: The Home Care Aide’s application has been denied registration or is ineligible to apply for registration.

  • EXPIRED: The two year period for registration has elapsed and the Home Care Aide has not renewed registration.

  • CLOSED: The Home Care Aide has withdrawn his or her application.

  • FORFEITED: The Home Care Aide has surrendered his or her registration.

  • REVOKED: The Aide’s registration has been rescinded by the California Department of Social Services or is ineligible to apply for registration.

When your status says “Registered,” this means your Live Scan has been processed and shows no criminal background. You will also get a letter in the mail, showing your Live Scan results and your approval to be in the HCA registry, but before that, you will see your status change to “Registered” online first. So make sure you are checking this daily to see when registration goes through. ONCE IT SHOWS YOU'RE REGISTERED ONLINE, YOU'RE READY TO GO AND PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE.


STEP 3: Get a TB (Tuberculosis) test showing that you are “negative” or do not have TB, and bring it into the office or email it to Matthew@rosesagencyhomecare.com.

NOTE: Step 3 Is Not Required To Be On The HCA Registry.  But it is required for you to work for any Home Care company.  So basically, you still have to do it. You will need either,

  1. a negative TB skin test that’s no less than 90 days old (or received within 7 days after employment); or

  2. if you have worked for another HCO (Home Care Organization) within the last 2 years, a negative test that you supplied to them for employment.

  3. a negative TB chest x-ray (within the previous five years)

Once you take care of this initial TB test documentation, you need to be tested every two years or five years with a chest x-ray.

The Rose's Agency caregivers very prompt, professional, and caring. I felt that my mother was in great hands after speaking with Gary.

Tiffany L. / Sherman Oaks