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We are licensed by the State of California Department of Social Services.
Our Home Care Organization license number is 194700157.
All of our employees are W-2 employees. They are all licensed with the State of California and Dept of Social Services as Home Care Aides. Our company has full insurance coverage, including Workman’s Comp, and liability insurance.
We accept all Long Term Care insurance plans.
At the minimum, we provide a two hour service for respite care or bathing care.
We network with hospice companies, but we are not licensed to provide hospice care. Hospice does not provide 24 hour care. We provide all non-medical care that hospice care is unable to provide. We have Caregivers who have provided hospice support. They are exceptionally compassionate people who are able to handle death and dying while also helping make others as comfortable as possible.
Rose’s Agency Home Care provides non-medical Caregivers that can work closely and in conjunction with a home health nurse.
We can refer you to a home health company that we work closely with to instruct Caregivers if there is specific care that needs to occur. Working with a company we refer you to will make the coordination seamless.
We have an RN that we work with who is capable of doing medical work under her own specific license. She does client assessments, and trains Caregivers on special cases.
The home care business is non-medical. Our nurse is non-medical, but if needed, we have an RN we can refer to that works outside of home care.
Yes. We are connected to a doctor that works closely to us and that can be reached easily. If a client is in need of that level of help, we can make a referral and then work closely with the Doctor to follow any request ordered by them.
Glad you asked! We love to volunteer in the community. We have a group of Caregivers who volunteer their time to help worthwhile causes and seniors. We’ve participated in feeding the homeless, and have helped members of the community who couldn’t afford home care services. We continue to look for more opportunities to volunteer. We believe in giving back to the community.
We communicate with and supervise our Caregivers on a daily basis. We have two Care Managers who communicate with Caregivers after each shift to get a daily report.
We only hire Caregivers who have a minimum of three years experience working with Dementia patients. Our Caregivers are effective communicators and know how to creatively and professionally handle demanding situations. Due to the complexity of Dementia, we are careful in screening for the most qualified Caregivers.
We have a well-rounded group Caregivers who have experience with various chronic conditions and who are able to appropriately anticipate issues.
It’s important that we serve every client to the fullest, and we work diligently to keep our clients satisfied with our service. Every client matters to us.

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(323) 821-5125.

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