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January Newsletter

Happy New Year and welcome to our monthly newsletter where we'll be sharing valuable tips on living a healthy and happy life! Our January newsletter covers our caregiver of the month Victoria Hargrave, ways to improve quality of life for seniors, and tips for visiting aging parents. 

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Caregiver of the Month:
Victoria Hargrave

Our caregiver of the month goes to Audrey Morgan. Thank you, Audrey, for your hard work & dedication.
We appreciate you and the love you show to not only our clients but the entire office. Continue being the beautiful person you are & share your light with the universe. We love you!

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Improving Quality of Life for Aging Parents

As time passes, it is an inevitability to see our loved ones get older and enter the later stages of life. This transition can be difficult for adult children, as they find themselves needing to care for and help their aging parents for the first time. So how can family members and adult children help aging parents maintain a good quality of life through their twilight years? We wanted to share some tips on how to do exactly that. Keep reading to learn more!

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Supporting a Loved One with Parkinson's Disease

The holidays are a wonderful time to reconnect with loved ones and schedule some in-person quality time together. Connecting in-person within their everyday environment can be a great way to identify any red flags for wellness, safety issues, and other areas of concern. So what are some things to consider when visiting aging parents over the holidays? Keep reading to learn more! 

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