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September Newsletter

Welcome to our monthly newsletter where we'll be sharing valuable tips on living a healthy and happy life. Our September newsletter covers our caregiver of the month Beaverly Francis, the difficulties of finding a caregiver, and an overview of Medicare and home health services.

Caregiver of the Month:
Beaverly Francis

Our caregiver of the month award goes to Beaverly Francis.
Thank you Beaverly for providing excellent services and making sure every client feels safe & comfortable in their home. Your hard work and dedication are what we appreciate the most. You truly represent Rose’s Agency Home Care with integrity and compassion.

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Why It Can Be So Hard to Find a Caregiver

There’s nothing quite like finding a great caregiver. They can prove to be incredibly valuable in supporting an aging loved one with their needs. From providing much-needed companionship to helping with tasks around the house, a dedicated caregiver can come to mean the world to those they care for. 

So what are some of the problems people face when trying to find their caregiver? We wanted to highlight some common difficulties along with some positive things to look for during your search. Keep reading to learn more!

FInding Caregivers 3.png
Understanding Medicare and Home Health Care Needs

Can we expect more help for people that need home health care? What is the government planning on doing to ensure seniors have the care they need? As America’s population continues to get older, this is a problem that needs clear solutions before it gets even worse. Check out our blog post to learn more!

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