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Welcome to our monthly newsletter where we'll be sharing valuable tips on living a healthy and happy life. March's newsletter covers our caregiver of the month (Ivy Christian), the importance of self-care for caregivers, and tips to help seniors accept caregiver support.

Caregiver of the Month:
Ivy Christian

Ivy, we appreciate all the effort you put into caring for clients. You really are the anchor when it comes to holding a team together. Thank you for always putting forth your best effort.

Your personality is a light that brings out the best in every situation. We appreciate your morality and the charisma you bring to each client. We love you! 

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Why Self-Care is So Important for Caregivers

Being a caregiver for someone is an important yet sometimes stressful role to play. Caregiving can be physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing over time so it is essential that caregivers practice self-care regularly. The role these people play is so important for their families, that they must ensure their own well-being in order to provide adequate care.

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How to Help Seniors Accept Caregiver Support

For some aging seniors, it can be difficult to accept the presence of a caregiver in their daily lives. Seniors can refuse to work with a caregiver for many reasons, even when family members want them to do so. Standoffs like this are common and can be confusing for family members that want the best for their loved one.

Thank you for reading our monthly newsletter. Our goal is to provide you with valuable content that helps you live a better life. For even more health tips, follow us on social media by using the buttons below!

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