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Welcome to our monthly newsletter where we'll be sharing valuable tips on living a healthy and happy life. May's newsletter covers our caregiver of the month Francine Flowers, the benefits of cognitive stimulation, and tips on transferring aging loved ones.

Caregiver of the Month:
Francine Flowers

We'd like to take time to value our caregiver of the month, Francine Flowers. Thank you for all the hard work & dedication you put forth when taking care of our clients.

Your integrity is what makes you stand out and shine. Thank you for always being a team player, we love you!

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The Incredible Benefits of Cognitive Stimulation for Seniors

Our cognitive health is an important component of our overall brain function. Our cognitive abilities allow us to clearly think, learn new things, and remember important information. For aging seniors, brain health can start to deteriorate with time and cause these abilities to suffer. This decline can be caused by injuries to the brain, diseases, mood disorders, and even substance abuse.

How to Properly Transfer an Aging Loved One

Taking care of elderly loved ones can be challenging in many ways. It requires a mental and physical commitment to improving another person’s well-being. One of the most difficult parts of providing this care is known as ‘transferring’, and involves helping someone physically move from one place to another. 

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