Our Methodology

Roses Agency Home Care strives to stay on the cutting edge of industry practice.

By taking inspiration from pioneering research, we aim to provide care that best ensures our client's long-term wellness and longevity.

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Central to our methodology is the idea that longevity is more a matter of lifestyle than genetics.

– Promoting a healthy, plant-based diet

– Supporting active living with mild to moderate exercise

– Helping clients retain a sense of purpose through community or faith-based activity

– Fostering client/caregiver bonds to counter old-age loneliness

– Making plans and setting up social appointments

– Providing transportation to see friends and relatives or attend events

– Stimulating minds through conversation and entertainment

– Encouraging clients to keep learning new things

– Assisting with stress-relief activities

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Our caregivers are crucial to clients living their lives to the fullest extent possible.

To ensure their ability to play this important role, caregivers are required to attend ongoing training sessions that enable them to better connect with clients and apply new developments in the fields of aging and old age diseases.

Guiding us are two forward-looking books in the field of gerontology, The Blue Zones, by National Geographic Fellow Dan Buettner, and The Alzheimer’s Solution, by Dean and Ayesha Sherzai M.D.

The Blue Zones

Dan Buettner’s The Blue Zones is a first-hand study of five areas of the earth exceptional for the incredibly high proportion of centenarians among their populations.

The book uncovers secrets to long life by examining the peculiarities of each culture and distilling the lifestyle choices that connect these international communities. Its conclusions make simple innovations on standard health advice—emphasizing a plant based diet and regular, moderate exercise—while also stressing the importance of maintaining mental health through practices like keeping community close, retaining a sense of purpose, and performing stress relief rituals.

The Alzheimer’s Solution

Dean and Ayesha Sherzai’s The Alzheimer’s Solution debunks the notion that Alzheimer’s is mostly a matter of genetic fate by exposing the impact our lifestyles can have on our susceptibility to the disease.

The Sherzais stress that Alzheimer’s disease and overall cognitive health are deeply influenced by five main lifestyle factors represented by the acronym NEURO—Nutrition, Exercise, Unwind, Restore, and Optimize. By combining a diet low in meat with proper physical and mental workouts, we can defer Alzheimer’s—or prevent it altogether.

Daily Assistance


Assisting with difficult tasks and protecting from falls.


Offering friendly conversation and patient assistance.


Making getting out easy and accessible.

Personal Care

Meeting grooming and hygiene needs.


Providing reminders and coordinating refills.


Promoting active living to boost long-term health.


Cooking to fit any client’s tastes or restrictions.

Down Time

Relieving stress by helping clients unwind.

Cognitive Stimulation

Keeping minds sharp and engaged.

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