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How Rose’s Agency Takes Care of You: Part Two

29 June 2021

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It’s time for part two of our blog article which covers the many different methods Rose’s Agency uses to help seniors live a better life. 


We love using our years of expertise to make life a little easier for aging seniors and their families. By working with our trained caregivers, these relatives gain much needed peace of mind in knowing that their loved one is receiving the best care possible. 


So what are the remaining ways in which we provide quality care to seniors? Keep reading to learn more!

Cognitive Stimulation

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For aging seniors, getting sufficient cognitive stimulation is essential for brain health and functional memory. Rose’s caregivers are trained to work with seniors in ways that improve their cognitive function, reduce memory loss, and enhance brain power. 


Some great ways to provide this stimulation include:


  • Playing card games

  • Revisiting photo albums

  • Listening to good music

  • Gardening 

  • Cooking or baking new recipes

  • Playing board games 

  • Practicing memory games 

  • Meditating 

  • Making arts & crafts 


Rose’s caregivers love helping seniors partake in the above activities in a fun and enjoyable manner. Doing so helps keep their brains sharp and functioning at a high level, even in the later stages of life.


Maintaining a clean and organized home can become an increasingly difficult task for seniors that face mobility issues. Getting some assistance in cleaning hard to reach areas can be quite valuable in this regard. There’s also the frequency factor, as cleaning can sometimes feel like a never ending chore and become overwhelming. 


Rose’s caregivers are happy to help with light housekeeping tasks that make life a little easier for seniors. 


This includes assisting with:

  • Keeping living areas clean

  • Vacuuming floors

  • Mopping floors 

  • Washing dishes

  • Changing linens 

  • Laundry


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Consistently eating nutritious and healthy meals can improve health outcomes for seniors and help prevent future illnesses. Unfortunately, the process of obtaining, cooking, and digesting healthy meals can be quite strenuous and difficult for aging seniors. 


Rose’s caregivers know how to help in this regard and follow a systematic approach in meal planning for seniors, which includes:


  • Meal preparation

  • Food storage

  • Monitoring for expiration dates 

  • Maintaining a clean & sanitized kitchen


Here at Rose’s, we use nutrition as a tool to improve the health of our patients. Health outcomes can be boosted by eating the right foods and following a healthy diet that nourishes the brain. Our caregiving team loves to support senior health by shopping, cooking, and serving nutritious foods to our patients.


Getting some form of physical activity can be extremely beneficial for aging seniors. For those that struggle with daily movement or need help doing so safely, caregiver support can provide great value. These care providers can help seniors walk around their homes, venture outside, move from room to room and change locations safely. Having a caregiver around can also provide supervision for clients as they move around, helping keep them safer on a daily basis. 


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For aging seniors, life can unfortunately become a bit lonely at times. As social creatures, it’s important that we get sufficient social interaction with other human beings to thrive and stay healthy. Doing so helps keep us mentally sharp while preventing problems with depression or anxiety from arising. 


Here at Rose’s, our caregivers love to provide quality companionship to seniors. There are many ways in which this can be done, including:


  • Going on walks with seniors

  • Taking trips to social gatherings and activities

  • Participating in hobbies with seniors 

  • Helping seniors visit their friends & family

  • Tackling daily errands & activities together


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This wraps up part two of our services blog. We hope you now have a better understanding of the many ways in which Rose’s Agency helps seniors live a better life. We love using our training and years of experience to make things a little easier in daily life while providing valuable companionship. To learn more about how our team can help you and your family, please contact us for more information! 

For more questions about getting a loved one caregiver support, please contact us by clicking here.

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