Cancer Care

Supporting Cancer Patients with Quality Care

Whether a person is recovering from cancer or currently undergoing treatment, we understand what it takes to ease their pain and help make them more comfortable. To develop a holistic care plan, we collaborate with each patient’s healthcare providers to provide the best support model for their needs. Our caregivers have years of experience working with cancer patients and know what it means to provide quality support to each individual in our care.

Our team of experienced caregivers can make a real positive impact in the lives of cancer patients. We work hard to reduce the stress and anxiety patients may feel while easing the burden of completing tedious everyday tasks.

Some of the areas in which we help include:

  • Personal care and hygiene
  • Medication & meal preparation
  • Exercising and mobility
  • Safe transportation

How We Care for Cancer Patients

Supporting Nutrition and Healthy Eating Habits

Here at Rose’s, we use nutrition as an important tool to improve the health of our cancer patients. Diseases like cancer can be fought by eating the right foods and following a healthy diet that nourishes the body. Our caregiving team supports patient health by shopping, cooking, and serving nutritious foods to help fight against cancer.

Cancer Care

Helping Patients Stay Active

To help fight against immobility, our cancer patients are always encouraged to stay active and on the move. An appropriate level of aerobic activity, strength training, and flexibility exercise can play an important role in helping patients stay healthy. Our caregiving team works closely with each individual to design an exercise plan based on their doctor’s advice and recommendations.

Cancer Care

Assisting with Medications

People with cancer may need some assistance when it comes to consistently managing their medication. With multiple prescriptions, it can be difficult to keep track of the various medications that need to be taken on a regular basis. Thankfully, our caregivers are highly experienced in this area and help remind patients to take their medication at the right time.

Providing Incontinence & Personal Care

Unfortunately, patients with cancer can be at a higher risk of bladder incontinence. These unexpected bowel movements or urine leaks can embarrass patients and impact their quality of life. Our caregivers understand how to help patients manage incontinence issues while ensuring they maintain their dignity and self-respect. We also assist patients with carrying out personal care tasks such as bathing, dressing, and hygiene.


It can be difficult for patients to drive when they’re going through treatments or recovering from them. Our caregiving team has years of experience in safely driving cancer patients to doctor’s appointments, rehabilitation sessions, pharmacies, and more. We work hard to support our patients with everyday errands and provide the best possible transport for their individual needs.

Cancer Care

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Rose’s Agency Home Care is a non-medical home care agency assisting seniors age in their own homes. Rose’s Agency Home Care hires caregivers who are truly passionate about nurturing others, and who feel that caregiving is more than just a job. We work with clients that have chronic illness, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s. Our agency is trusted by doctors and hospitals throughout Los Angeles to provide caregivers that help clients adapt to their changing needs as they evolve.


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