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Sober Companion

Providing Sober Companion Support

How we support:

Providing structure & strategy

Working with a sober companion can provide recovering addicts with the structure and strategy they need. Our team members immediately establish healthy protocols when working with those in recovery. These protocols may include a psychotherapeutic approach, 12-step or non-12 step plans, or outside support groups. Depending on the person, Rose’s sober companions define what success looks like by establishing nutrition and fitness routines, medication therapy, and holistic practices.

Emotional support

Emotional support from a sober companion helps recovering addicts feel like they aren’t alone. Having someone with you that understands the temptations and difficulties of staying sober can play a huge role in boosting the chances of success. Rose’s team of sober companions take a non-judgmental approach when working with people and provide the empathy and understanding they need during this challenging phase of their life.


In addition to emotional support, having someone hold you accountable for your actions is incredibly important during the recovery process. Here at Rose’s Agency, our team works to set milestones and track progress for each individual we work with. The presence of a sober companion reminds recovering addicts that someone does care about their well being and the decisions they make. This bond with a companion gives recovering addicts added motivation to stay on track and make the best choices for their future.

Preventing relapse

Our sober companions understand what it takes to keep recovering addicts from relapsing into their addictions. We identify triggers that can cause people to reach for drugs and alcohol and step in to provide support at critical moments. Sober companions can help keep addictive substances out of the home environment and act as an escort when going to places and events that may be tempting. By guarding against these moments of vulnerability, sober companions can significantly reduce the odds of relapsing.

Recovering from addiction is a difficult process that can be made easier with the right support. Here at Rose’s, our sober companions help provide the emotional and psychological assistance people need to stay on track. Our experienced sober companions keep recovering addicts accountable and help create environments that boost their chances of success. We work with patients to establish healthy lifestyles that promote good nutrition, exercise, and a positive support network.

Here are some ways Rose’s sober companions can help speed up the recovery process:

  • Providing structure & strategy

  • Emotional support

  • Accountability

  • Preventing relapse

They can send people out almost any hour or day because they have a large group of people and are easy to work with. We couldn't survive without the service. My loved ones need constant care, and I work full-time, so it is difficult to take care of them myself.

Steven J. / Los Angeles

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