Our clients' testimonials.

“Rose's Agency Home Care provides great care, and reliable services. The agency made my mother's life much easier by caring for her when she was ill.”

-Lee F., December 2017

“My mother’s illness took us by surprise and it was a difficult and emotional time. We were told by the doctor that her dementia would worsen, and she would need assistance with many aspects of her daily life. The caregiver we hired through Rose’s Agency Home Care has become someone my mother can depend on. Clementine is a caregiver and companion to my mother, and she has made my mother’s life much easier. Additionally, Gary has been an effective communicator and is always easy to reach. I would absolutely recommend this agency; they’ve helped my mother physically and emotionally.”

-Kyle D., September 2019

“They are dependable and reliable. My loved one needed this service to assist with daily activities. He couldn't get by without Rose’s Agency Home Care”

-Rob M., January 2018

“They are responsive, prompt, and courteous. They have helped to make sure all my needs are met.”

-Barry S., January 2018

“Their services are critical for me. All of my caregivers know their jobs and the agency hires good people.”

-Michael June 2018

“They have helped me the most by being available and understanding what I need and how often or how little. They are understanding in that way. Their people are really good. I have been with other agencies before and I was so disappointed. I wish I would have known about them from the beginning. They are really helpful and I totally trust them.”

-Doreatha K., June 2019

“Rose’s Agency Home Care is dependable, reliable, and everyone working there is so kind. I live in Washington and they were so helpful with me that I did not have to schlep down to LA for every little thing. Instead, I was able to come down when planned upon.”

-Linda K., October 2019

“It was hard to acknowledge that my mother is getting older, and that she now requires home care. Putting her health in the hands of a caregiver was difficult to accept and our family thought the adjustment process would be hard. Rose’s Agency Home Care made the transition into my mother’s new life with caregiver assistance easier than expected. The team (Gary, Tashima, and Aurora) invest their time into their clients, and answered all questions to make sure we were comfortable. They showed up on time and helped my mother with bathing, grooming, and kept track of her medicine.”

-Dana H, September 2019

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