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Why It Can Be So Hard to Find a Caregiver 

11 August 2021

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There’s nothing quite like finding a great caregiver. They can prove to be incredibly valuable in supporting an aging loved one with their needs. From providing much-needed companionship to helping with tasks around the house, a dedicated caregiver can come to mean the world to those they care for. 


Unfortunately, searching for and ultimately finding that special person can be a challenge for seniors and their families. Many different obstacles and factors can come into play when searching for a caregiver that would make a good fit. In many parts of the country, there is also a shortage of caregivers available to look after elderly individuals. 


So what are some of the problems people face when trying to find their caregiver? We wanted to highlight some common difficulties along with some positive things to look for during your search.

Poor Communication

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We all know that communication is foundational to any relationship, including that between a caregiver and the person they care for. For this reason, it is so important to find a caregiver that knows how to consistently communicate in a clear and positive manner. Seniors in particular need someone that is patient and unbothered when things need to be repeated. Their families also need a caregiver that can provide important updates about how their loved one is doing on a regular basis. 


Finding a caregiver that understands how to communicate with positivity and patience can be difficult. Some may be too tired or distracted to make it a priority to always be clear and consistent with their words. This can cause all kinds of problems to arise within the caregiving situation. To avoid this from happening, make sure to find a caregiver that always prioritizes communicating well.

Always Late 

Caregivers have an important job and people that depend on them for vital assistance. Seniors that are left alone or unattended can even be put at risk for something bad happening while they’re unsupervised. Due to this, caregivers showing up on time is really important. 


Of course, everyone can be late on occasion, but if a caregiver is consistently late it can show where their priorities stand. Their track record for being on time for work can show how committed they truly are to providing excellent care. For families and seniors, clearly communicating expectations around when to show up and the importance of being on time can help set the tone when working with a new caregiver.

A Lack of Patience

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Providing care to aging seniors can be a challenging job at times. It requires a lot of patience and understanding that stems from genuine care for the person being looked after. Seniors with health problems such as dementia can prove even harder to care for as their behavior can change dramatically and unexpectedly. 


Finding a caregiver that knows how to handle seniors and their health problems with patience can definitely be a challenge. Look for someone that is mature, well-trained and genuinely wants to help people work through the difficulties that come with aging. They should be invested in the betterment of the person they’re caring for and not easily distracted while on the job.


As you can see, finding a great caregiver can be challenging for many reasons. Thankfully, here at Rose’s Agency, we’ve done the work of finding exceptional caregivers that know what it takes to help aging seniors and their families. Keep the tips above in mind when searching for that special care provider and please contact us with any questions you may have about our caregiving team!

For more questions about getting a loved one caregiver support, please contact us by clicking here.

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