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Compassionate Hospice Care in Los Angeles

Supporting Hospice Patients with Quality Care

Here at Rose’s, we strive to provide quality in-home care to people entering the final phase of a terminal illness. Our experienced caregivers understand what it takes to keep patients as comfortable and pain-free as possible in their own domain. By combining highly experienced care with the safe and familiar surroundings of a home environment, patients are able to more fully enjoy their final days.

Our team of in-home care professionals understands what it takes to create a safe, comfortable, and stress-free environment for hospice patients. We work hard to reduce the anxiety patients may feel while easing the burden of completing tedious everyday tasks.

Some of the areas in which we help include:

  • Supporting individual nutrition

  • Creating engaging activities

  • Providing incontinence & personal care

  • Offering reliable transportation

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How We Care for Hospice Patients

Supporting Individual Nutrition

Here at Rose’s, we tailor nutritional care to the needs of each patient. Our caregivers work with each hospice patient to support how much and how frequently they would like to eat and drink. When caring for people at the end of life, it is important to not force or restrain food. Our team helps patients follow a nutritional plan that best fits their body’s needs during hospice care.

Creating Engaging Activities

Engaging activities make the hospice journey better for patients and their families. Our caregivers help enrich people’s lives by providing appropriate activities for their individual situations. We listen to music with them, read, talk, and help with small activities around the house.

Providing Incontinence & Personal Care

For hospice patients, unexpected bowel movements or urine leaks can embarrass them and impact their quality of life. Our caregivers understand how to help patients manage incontinence issues while ensuring they maintain their dignity and self-respect. We also assist patients with carrying out personal care tasks such as bathing, dressing, and hygiene.

Offering Reliable Transportation

Having comfortable, reliable, and pain-free transportation is so important for hospice patients. Our caregiving team has years of experience in safely driving patients to doctor’s appointments, pharmacies, and more. We work hard to support our patients with everyday errands and provide the best possible transport for their individual needs.

They are reliable, attentive, and available. They are very responsive, and their home care workers have all been wonderful and professional.

Glen K. / Beverly Hills

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