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How Senior Veterans Can Qualify for VA Home Care Benefits

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Here at Rose’s Agency, we are so grateful for all the military veterans who have served our country. We pride ourselves in caring for senior veterans and helping them age gracefully and comfortably in their golden years. Fortunately, senior veterans are eligible for various benefits through the United States Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), including health-related services. 

For eligible senior vets, VA benefits also include home care, a service that can be priceless for veterans looking to stay in the comfort of their own homes. Applying for VA benefits and home care assistance can confuse senior veterans, so we have written this post to explain the process. Keep reading to learn more! 

What are VA Home Care Benefits?

The VA provides different home care services to eligible veterans, such as skilled nursing care, physical therapy, and help with daily living activities (bathing, dressing, meals). These services are usually provided through the VA’s Home Based Primary Care program (HBPC) or the Veteran Directed Care (VDC) program. 

HBPC health care services are provided to Veterans in their home to support individuals with chronic diseases and illnesses that impact their health and daily well-being. These services can also be for isolated Veterans or those who have overburdened caregivers. HBPC services can also be combined with other Home and Community-Based services provided by the VA. 

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The VA also provides homemaker and home health aide services to eligible veterans. These professionals visit Veterans and assist in personal care services and daily activities within their own homes.

These services are provided through organizations that have a contract with the VA and can be used for Veterans of any age. Aides may be able to come to a senior’s home several times a week or just on occasion.

They can help with activities such as:

  • Eating

  • Getting dressed

  • Personal grooming

  • Bathing

  • Using the bathroom

  • Moving from one place to another

  • Grocery shopping

Seniors can continue to receive an aide’s services for as long as they need extra help with their daily activities. 

Eligibility Requirements for Senior Veterans

american veteran benefits

For senior veterans looking to receive home care through the VA, certain eligibility requirements need to be met. Generally, Veterans are eligible for home health aide care if they qualify for community care and meet the clinical criteria for the service requested. The service also has to be available in the Veteran’s location. Additionally, a copay might be charged for home health aide services based on the senior’s VA service-connected disability status. 

For senior veterans based in Los Angeles - eligibility questions can be answered by contacting the following Medical Center and Social Work Leader:

VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System

West Los Angeles Medical Center

11301 Wilshire Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90073

(310) 478-3711 

Social Work Leader

Alexandrea Wagner

Rose’s Agency Home Care is approved to take VA benefits for those who qualify. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have! 


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