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The Incredible Benefits of Cognitive Stimulation for Seniors

19 April 2021

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Our cognitive health is an important component of our overall brain function. Our cognitive abilities allow us to clearly think, learn new things, and remember important information. 


For aging seniors, brain health can start to deteriorate with time and cause these abilities to suffer. This decline can be caused by injuries to the brain, diseases, mood disorders, and even substance abuse. Some examples include:


  • Dementia

  • Drug addiction

  • Stroke 

  • Depression 


Some cognitive decline is normal as seniors age, but other conditions such as dementia are more concerning and damaging to daily life. For example, dementia can hurt our ability to speak properly, take part in conversations, or stay focused.  


Thankfully, there are many things seniors can do to avoid cognitive decline and preserve their ability to think, learn, and remember things clearly. Here at Rose’s Agency, our caregivers take the time to ensure cognitive stimulation is a regular part of our client’s lives. 


So what can be done to provide much-needed cognitive stimulation to aging seniors? Keep reading to learn more!

Staying Socially Connected

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Did you know that our social connections make a big impact on how healthy we are? Seniors greatly benefit from community engagement and strong interpersonal relationships. Social connectivity has also been shown to boost longevity, reduce anxiety, and improve overall well-being. 


Seniors can boost their cognitive health through social stimulation. A great way to do this is by staying connected with friends and family members and joining groups. Volunteering for a cause that’s important to you is also a good idea. So is joining a hobby group with others that enjoy the same things that you do. 


Unfortunately, these activities have been harder to do during the COVID-19 pandemic. To avoid social isolation while staying safe, plan some outdoor activities or join virtual groups to continue meeting like-minded individuals.

Sharpening the Brain

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Seniors can potentially reduce their risk of developing dementia by taking part in mentally stimulating hobbies. This can include reading books that they like or playing engaging games that challenge the brain. 


Doing so might help the brain become more flexible in mental functions and make up for age-related changes in the mind. For example, seniors can try to play a memory-boosting brain game such as Sudoku or grab a novel they find interesting.

Keeping Active Physically

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Staying active physically can bring some incredible benefits to the aging brain. Exercise provides cognitive stimulation that builds neural networks within the brain and makes our minds more resilient. Staying active can also increase vital brain function tied to cognitive abilities such as memory and learning. Even simple activities like walking fast can provide much-needed cognitive stimulation to seniors. 


Seniors looking to improve their cognitive function should try to get at least a few hours of exercise every single week. A morning or evening walk can do wonders for the brain, even in as little as thirty minutes. When choosing an activity it’s important to find one that aligns with your doctor’s orders and uses techniques for safe movement.

Making Health a Priority

Seniors that take care of their health properly are also less likely to suffer from cognitive problems. Taking part in activities that boost cognitive stimulation, sleeping well, and eating a healthy diet are all great ways to prioritize brain health. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol also need to be properly managed in order to avoid negative impacts on cognitive function.


Seniors that regularly receive cognitive stimulation are more likely to retain their ability to think and learn new things without great difficulty. Small changes can really build up over time and help seniors function more effectively in their daily lives. 


Here at Rose’s Agency, our caregivers help keep clients active members of their communities. They assist in keeping clients mentally alert by staying connected to their favorite activities and to the people around them.

For more questions about getting a loved one caregiver support, please contact us by clicking here.

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